Well, clearly this didn't lead where I thought it would!

It is Christmas Eve, 2017 and I logged onto my website to make some changes as a result of my move from Williamsburg back to Yorktown.  It was only then I realized that I had started a blog!  Wow, what can I say?  That just makes me realize how much of my life was actually consumed with running a retail store!  Maybe I can get things going again!  I thought I would start by reposting my thoughts shared on Facebook on December 9, 2017.....the day of my move!

Original facebook post from December 9, 2017 11:56 pm  

Today has been very surreal for me. On December 9, 2013 CakeAlicious began a new venture in Williamsburg. We moved everything we had into our new building in New Town. It has been a wild ride...........so many great memories as well as some very big challenges. I learned how to be a barista and make a mean latte (which I never even thought about before the move!), I learned about making gelato from Italian instructors, we were found by Food Network who invited us to compete on Cake Wars and were very blessed with a win, we made some great friendships with some very loyal customers, we learned that prayers are answered in God's timing and not ours, we cried...a lot when people's expectations were greater than our offerings, we suffered through that thing called staffing (still reeling from that one, lol!) and made a lot of cakes! I am grateful to everyone who supported us since we made the move. It is with mixed emotions that I officially announce that we are moving CakeAlicious back to Yorktown. I started my business there just 1 month shy of 15 years ago. I still live there and while business has been great in Williamsburg, I feel like I am moving home. This will allow me to spend more time with my family (including my beautiful new granddaughter who will be 4 months old in 6 days) instead of burning up the trail called Jefferson Avenue. This morning, on the 4th anniversary of our Williamsburg opening, I rented an F650 26' UHaul Truck and set sail to pack up the things that wouldn't fit in the back of my Cake Truck. I have never driven anything that large in my life!!! A little intimidating, but I stared it in the face and said, "Let's Go". As I was driving down Jefferson Avenue, the radio was playing and I heard Garth Brooks singing "I Will Sail My Vessel" and felt the presence of angels protecting me for the drive. You see, I didn't plan the date of the move. Yesterday, I knew that the rest of my equipment would need a bigger truck, so I started looking for one. When I was doing the paperwork this morning, I realized what God had done with the date. And then, the snow started falling...it was beautiful. We moved in the rain and the snow and it was very cathartic. We are in the process of setting up a small showroom at 101 York Crossing. We have not set hours yet...still in the process of working out all the logistics. However, we are already making appointments for consultations at that location. At this time, we will not have retail merchandise for sale, only special orders. As we transition, you can still place orders with us by email or phone. Announcements will be made as we get a better idea of what our hours will look like. Thank you for your business and we look forward to this next chapter.