Yet another chapter!!

There is a country song that keeps ringing in my head. The words go something like this… wake up and everything has changed! Well, that seems to be my life. Many big things have happened since I moved the business back to Yorktown. Google has decided to publish that CakeAlicious is permanently closed!!!! Not even sure how to fight them on this. I have re-opened the business once and it was accepted. However, it came to my attention again that google says I am permanently closed. I tried to change it and was not allowed! My goodness, who is this google giant? Anyway, I just wanted to write to help put the rumors to rest. I am still in business, I just don’t have retail hours. Consultations and cakes are accepted by appointment and special order only. So, go ahead and give me a call at 757-234-4300 to place your order! Or better yet, send me an email at with your details! That way I can review your details either early in the morning or late in the evening when you may be sleeping (and I am not working on cakes). You might not appreciate me calling you when I am available and don’t have my hands wrapped up whipping up something sweet! Hope to bake for you soon!